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Stone Giant
Michelangelo’s David and How He Came To Be
Jane Sutcliffe
Illustrated by John Shelley

4/8/2014/ ISBN 9781580892957
Children Nonfiction / Art History Picture Book / Ages 6 - 9 Years

Reviewed by Bob Walch


Jane Sutcliffe retells the story of the creation of one of the most famous statues in the world – Michelangelo Buonarroti’s sculpture of the shepherd boy from the Bible who killed the giant warrior, Goliath.
The huge block of marble David was carved from stone that had rested in Florence, Italy, for over forty years before Michelangelo began the three-year task of transforming it from a weathered block of stone to a breathtaking image of a young man.

Once finished, David had to then be moved from the workshop where he was created to a place of honor in Florence’s city square. It took forty men four days to move the 18-foot statue and get it up on a pedestal where everyone could admire it.

Reviewed 2014