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Sweep Up the Sun
By Helen Frost
Photography by Rick Lieder

Candlewick Press
2015 / ISBN 9780763669041
Children / Nonfiction / Birds / 2-5 years

Reviewed by Bob Walch


Eleven species of birds are pictured in this volume and most of them are captured in flight by photographer Rick Lieder. The stop-action shows the birds caught in flight while Helen Frost's short poems add the description that explains what the child is seeing.

This is an exquisite book because of the photography and any child who is fascinated by birds in flight will love gazing at these pictures. Besides the range of species, the large photos really focus on the featured birds and bring them to life on each page.

At the back of the book, you'll find detailed profiles of each of the featured birds. This would be an excellent home or school library resource that will pique a youngster's interest in learning more about birds.

Reviewed 2015