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Teddy Bear Addition
McGrath Math
Barbara Barbieri McGrath
Illustrated by Tim Nihoff

2/11/2014/ ISBN 9781580894258
Children / Nonfiction / Math / Addition / Ages 4 - 8 Years

Reviewed by Bob Walch


Children will love the little teddy bears featured in this math skills book. The youngster will be asked to sort and count the little bears by color. Once they have mastered that, the next step is learning how to add single-digit and then double-digit numbers.

The author takes the child (and parent) through the process step-by-step. The key element is making the switch from putting the set of bears together to creating a simple equation that represents the sets. Once that is mastered then you are ready to handle sums like 3 + 2 = 5.

Mom or Dad should look over the book a few times before sitting down with the child to go through the process. Also, don’t rush it. Take it slow and easy and in no time at all your youngster will be doing simple sums.

The little teddies make the whole task fun and non-threatening. You might even consider eventually using gummy bears to replace the teddies featured in the book. Do the math correctly and then you can eat the total!

Reviewed 2014