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Walt Disney
I Am Series #11
Grace Norwich

Scholastic Paperbacks
January 2014 / ISBN: 0545629187
Biography / Age 7 - 10 years / Grades 2 - 5

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


It's important for children to learn history. Biographies are great way to learn more about our history. Scholastic's I am Walt Disney teaches our youngest generation about a man who had a vision and believed he could achieve it. The biography starts out with a mention of those who helped Disney achieve his dream - his parents, brothers, friends, and future wife. Readers also get an easy-to-read Time Line going back to 1834 and Disney's Great-grandfather. Scholastic doesn't sugar-coat this biography. Life wasn't easy for a man as great as Walt Disney. And not everyone in his is life was like the Disney characters Walt created. Young readers will discover who nurtured Disney's desire to draw, and how hard he worked to achieve his goals. The biography takes readers from Disney's youth to adulthood -- from paperboy to WWI ambulance driver. Young readers will learn what a good husband and father he was, too. Each section is a vital insight to Disney and his passion to create. It even addresses his illness and his last dream…

The book ends with: 10 Things You Should Know About Walt Disney, 10 MORE Things That Are Pretty Cool to Know, a Glossary, Places to Visit, and a Bibliography with more Disney biographies.

I am: Walt Disney is in both color and black and white. It's easy to read and comprehend. Scholastics' "I am" series is one of the best biography series available. A few others in this series are: Sacagawea, George Washington, George Lucas, and Harriett Tubman. I highly recommend the series.

Reviewed 2014