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Wiggle Your Toes
Karen Katz
Illustrated by Karen Katz

Little Simon
2014/ ISBN 9781416903659
Children /Nonfiction / Interactive / Body parts / Board book

Reviewed by Bob Walch


There are flaps to flip and tabs to pull as you read this simple picture book that asks questions such as “Can you fluff your pretty hair?” and urges you to “Take your hands and cover your eyes.”

Unfortunately, the moving parts of this book will not stand up to the use that a toddler will give them. So don’t be upset if there are bits and pieces all over the room in a few days. Also, don’t blame this situation on your child. At least his or her hand coordination is good and the youngster has enough strength to demolish this poorly designed book.

Hopefully the detached “parts” won’t end up in the child’s mouth!


Reviewed 2014