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Wonderful World of Sharks
Disney Learning
Christina Wilsdon
Edited by Susan Bishansky

Sept 2012 / ISBN 9781423168492
Picture book, sharks, marine science (ages 6 and up)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Real-life photos are combined with illustrations to create a fascinating look deep into the ocean depths where sharks dwell. Guided by their favorite Disney characters, the reader will explore the fascinating world of sharks. From the biggest to the smallest, from the gentlest to the most deadly, this informative guide looks all the members of this watery clan.

Over twenty short chapters investigate not only the physical characteristics of sharks (teeth, heads, tails, body shape) but also the different species (Great White, Basking, Megamouth, Hammerhead,Tiger) and how they raise their young. There’s also material here on sharks and people, the future of sharks and shark hangers-on like remora and pilot fish.

Plenty of photos and lots of solid, basic information about sharks make this an excellent book to use as an introduction to a unit or more detailed study on sharks. Whether you are a parent, teacher or school librarian, this is a book you’ll want to purchase because it opens the door to further exploration of the topic.

Reviewed 2013