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Yellow Is My Color Star
Judy Horacek
Illustrated by

Beach Lane
2014 / ISBN 9781442492998
Children / Colors / 4 - 8 Years

Reviewed by Bob Walch


Brighten up your child’s day with this cheerful picture book about colors. Although the child featured here loves yellow, she tells us she likes all the other colors too.

“But yellow is my number one,” she says. “To orange I say, Hip! Hip!’ to purple I say,

‘Hooray!’ But yellow is the color that brings sunshine to my day.”

What is especially nice about this rhymed text is the reader is also asked which color he/she loves the most. A clever parent can ask other color related questions that will engage the child and make this more than just a “book experience”. For example, “What other things are yellow besides the objects you find in the book? Can you find any green things in this room? What color is a daddy’s car or the shirt mommy’s wearing?”

Judy Horacek’s cartoons have been a hit with adults and this book about colors will delight young readers as well. Children three years of age and older will enjoy Yellow Is My Color Starand the vibrant watercolor illustrations it features.

Reviewer Note:
Reviewed 2014