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Animal Helpers Series
Jennifer Keats Curtis

Sylvan Dell
September 10, 2013 / ISBN 9781607188506
Children Children / Nonfiction / Animals / Ages 6-9

Reviewed by Bob Walch

You are invited to visit a zoo and see what zookeepers do in this picture book that features color photos of many types of zoo animals. Would you enjoy giving a baby moose a bottle, scrubbing a rhino’s foot, building a new home for porcupines or providing a snack for baby alligators? If so, you might make a good zookeeper.

Zookeepers must care for many different animals, and they also work closely with veterinarians who care for the animals when they need check-ups, their shots or are sick.

Zoo animals, especially babies, often get bored and they want someone to play with them. That’s one of the fun things a zookeeper gets to do. They also clean out the cages and bring the animals their food every day.

In the “For Creative Minds” section of this book you’ll find a section on building a zoo habitat and another on wildlife conservation. There’s also information on the differences between a zookeeper, zoologist and veterinarian.

When you finish reading this book, try the true or false self-test at the back to see how much you remember about a zookeeper’s job. This book fits nicely into Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards and social studies lessons for grades K-2.

Reviewed 2014