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Animal Tails
Mary Holland
Illustrated by Mary Holland

Arbordale Publishing
08/10/2017/ ISBN 9781628559767
Children / Nonfiction / Animals / Picture book / Ages 5 - 8 Year

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Why do animals have tails? That’s a perfectly good question, and who better to explain it to young readers than naturalist and wildlife photographer Mary Holland.

In Animal Tails, Holland shows young readers how certain animals use their tails. Holland covers furry animals, birds, reptiles and bugs. The author set up each page with a colorful picture, a description of the animal, where it lives, and how it uses its tail. There’s a quiz and match game included at the back of the book. Animal Tails is book that entertains as educates. Without a doubt, it will inspire conversation among young readers.

Reviewed 2017