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Bugs from Head to Tail
Head to Tail Series #3
Stacey Roderick
Illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya

Kids Can Press
October 3, 2017/ ISBN 978-1771387293
Children / Nonfiction / Science / Nature / 4 - 7 years / Preschool – 2nd grade

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Do you like bugs? Well, author Stacey Roderick is going to share fun facts about some popular bugs with you and your parents. Did you know the Rhinoceros beetle has a horn just like a real rhinoceros, and he can lift up to 850 times his own weight? Isn’t that amazing! Stacey tells us about moths, butterflies, and my favorite, the ladybug, too. Illustrator Kwanchai Moriya provides some colorful imagines of the bugs and their traditional habitat. If you like Bugs from Head to Tail be sure to look up Stacey Roderick’s first two titles : #1 Dinosaurs from Head to Tail and #2 Ocean Animals from Head to Tail

Head to Tail Series

Reviewed 2017