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Where’s The Witch?
Search-and-Find Activity Book
ByChuck Whelon and Gary Panton
Illustrated by

Buster Books (Michael O’Mara)
Release 3 October 2019 / Out 01.08.20 in U/ ISBN 9781780556451
Children / Non Fiction / Holiday: Halloween

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Wendy, the Witch, and her spooky friends are going trick or treating, but this time, they are not merely going around their neighborhood but all over the world! Join them under the sea, at a banquet, carnival, water park, zoo, and fancy dress party before they return to their haunted house…

Ghostly goings on are not just for Halloween; this is a fun book to explore whatever time of year it is. This is the latest in Buster’s series of books where in true Where’s Waldo or Wally tradition; you have to spot Wendy and her friends in a number of bustling, colorful pictures. There are ten characters to spot who get introduced at the front. Look for Vera, the vampire, Mumford, the mummy, Glurgle the alien and Frankie, Bones, Pumpkin Pete, and others. There is a checklist at the back with thumbnails of the eleven pictures plus a list of more things to go back and spot, making this a book that lasts some time and can be returned to more than once. This book is ideal for rainy days, long journeys, or time when the family can get together to have fun hunting for the characters. Like all the titles in this series, it is a large format book, although smaller than the Wally series and easier for younger children. I hope there will be other entries in this popular series, but I can’t imagine what they will dream up next!

Reviewed 2020