Keeper of the Flame
The Story of Mary Magdalen
By Leslie A. Chyten
Unknown - December 1999
ISBN: 0595211771 - Paperback
Fiction / Historical

Reviewed by: Nancy Marie, MyShelf.Com
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Although Keeper of the Flame: The Story of Mary Magdalen is a very non-Biblical interpretation of the story of Mary Magdalen, Chyten weaves a fine story, nonetheless. Beginning with Mary's home life, her abusive father, her loving mother and siblings, Chyten lays the groundwork for Mary's descent into prostitution. From there, Chyten takes the reader on a journey through a fictionalized life of Mary Magdalen, complete with Mary's deliverance from a death by stoning, to her enormous love for Yeshua of Nazareth, to their secret marriage, to his death on the cross, to the birth of their children, to the new community started after his death, and to Mary's own role as a healer and teacher. It is an intricately woven story, full of drama and hidden truths, as the author sees them.

Chyten displays a natural story-telling ability, along with a fine command of the English language. The dialogue is believable and appropriate to the times and the setting. The characters are equally created with finesse and skill.

My only problem with Keeper of the Flame: The Story of Mary Magdalen is a purely personal one. As a serious student of the Bible, both in college and out, the un-Biblical nature of the story made it difficult for me to suspend my disbelief, something necessary for the reader to be able to do in order to be fully drawn into the story. However, I understand that this probably will not be as big a problem for other readers. All and all, Keeper of the Flame: The Story of Mary Magdalen is a fine read.

Nancy Marie is the author of When You Wish Upon A Star.

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