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Publisher: Harpercollins
Release Date: 2003
ISBN: 0060199598
Format Reviewed: HC
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Genre: Contemporary Fiction / chick lit
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Robyn Glazer
Reviewer Notes:

Little Bitty Lies
By Mary Kay Andrews 

     Mary Bliss McGowan was satisfied with her life, so satisfied that she kept herself busy trying to help her best friend Katharine get back with her husband. Never thinking that she would be a casualty, Mary Bliss was mortified to find a note left by her husband. The slime has stolen every single penny and left her and their seventeen-year-old daughter in a lurch and apparently seems not to care.

     Mary Bliss knows she will not be able to pay the bills with her teacher's salary, so she concocts a plan with Katharine: they will go to Mexico and buy a death certificate, which will allow Mary Bliss to collect on the life insurance. The plan becomes so involved that before she knows it, Mary Bliss is up to her neck in some little bitty lies as well as some whoppers.

     This is the story of an ordinary woman resorting to extraordinary actions to keep her daughter and herself fed and off the streets. Andrews infuses the story with wit and hilarity, turning a potential downer of a situation into a laugh-out-loud romp. This book has mystery, romance, intrigue and, of course humor, and all of these components gel together to make one heck of a story. Mary Bliss is a character that almost everyone will be able to relate to. I had a great time reading Little Bitty Lies and I look forward to the next Mary Kay Andrews book.

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