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Publisher: HarperAudio / HarperCollins
Release Date: August 17, 2004
ISBN: 0060738367
Format Reviewed: Audio CD – Abridgement / 6 hours / 5 compact discs
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Genre: Fiction / Social Satire / Contemporary
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks
Reviewer Notes: Language / sex

Hissy Fit
By Mary Kay Andrews

Read by Isabel Keating

     After finding her fiancé, A.J. Jernigan, and her maid of honor, Page, intimately christening the Club’s board room table, Keeley Murdock, “a sober, respectable, 32 year-old, professional interior designer,” becomes “a deranged force of nature and pitches a hissy fit.’ After shaking Page’s red panties on high, swiping expensive crystal off a table, smashing customize snuff boxes, and scribbling an insult on her former fiancé’s fancy car, Keeley Murdock’s life takes a major change.

     Will Mahoney – new to the community -- witnesses the conclusion of Keeley’s hissy fit. He makes light of the moment, and unfortunately for him, she remembers it when he tries to hire her. Mahoney needs someone to redo the old mansion he’s bought. The mansion is the key to the heart of a beautiful lawyer – at least he hopes. Keeley soon learns Mahoney also bought the local bra plant and rumors are mixed as to his plans for it. Community fear is outsourcing and closing.

     With Savannah Blues and Little Bitty Lies already behind her, Mary Kay Andrews’s humor is well known. Hissy Fit is a fine example of how a crisis, like a wedding rehearsal fiscal, can bring out the peculiarities of many, and eventually the truths of all involved. The storyline ranges from hilarious, to racy, to touching. It’s definitely a novel to remember.

     Actress Isabel Keating narrates Hissy Fit with a thick southern accent. Hearing Page’s sluttish screech, Keely’s determined tone, and Daddy Jernigan’s deep, arrogant drawl, adds even more humor to Andrews’ social satire, making Hissy Fit an entertaining listen. Consider it a mature listen and remember those headphones.