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Publisher: Publish America
Release Date: July 7 2004
ISBN: 1-4137-2403-5
Format Reviewed: soft cover
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Genre:   Adult women's fiction
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Michelle Shealy
Reviewer Notes:  adult language, sexual content
Holiday: First half of the book takes place around the holiday season.

Hole in Her Heart
By Carolyn Russell

     The year is 1955, and twenty-year-old Julie Mitchell's life is about to change when she meets the man of her dreams while dancing at the local servicemen's club. Julie has agreed to be a dancing girl in the Christmas show at the urging of her friend -- an event that will alter the future.

    Julie falls in love with Rick Danbury that very night. Rick is from South Carolina, is full of charm, and has an eye for the women. He's an Army enlisted man escaping the trouble he's caused while at college. Julie sees and hears about his shortcomings, but they don't seem to matter to her. Even though Rick is a playboy, his feelings for Julie become very real. So real, in fact, that he can't bring himself to use her in a way he's used all the other women in his life. Since a woman Rick has been sleeping with claims to be pregnant, Rick elopes with her, leaving Julie with a broken heart and nothing but a good-bye letter.

    Will Julie ever be able to get over her broken heart? Can she patch it with a marriage to another man? Julie marries a man from work and goes on to have children and a long marriage. In 1981 Julie is 46 and finds herself a widow. At the urging of her mother, Julie starts to think about the possibilities of seeing Rick again. Where will she even begin to look for him? What's happened to him over the last 25 years? Did he forget her?

    Julie's slow search for Rick uncovers many roads and paths they each took that led them to where they are now. This is a must read for any woman who has had a first love that left a hole in her heart. Things aren't always as they seem to us when we are able to get a glimpse from the other side. This book feels more like a true love story rather than a fiction read or a Hollywood movie ending outcome. A truly enjoyable bittersweet story and a wonderful read.