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Hissy Fit

By Mary Kay Andrews

  Imagine that you are about to get married and then find your best friend involved with your groom-to-be. Would you feel justified in having a tantrum? A "hissy fit?" Would you run away with a perfect stranger who just happened to be at the right place at the right time? That is what happens to Keeley Murdock, an interior designer. She escapes with Will Mahoney and ends up fixing up his new mansion that he bought to impress a woman that he has never met. Unfortunately due to her calling off her wedding the prominent A. J. Jernigan, his family, who owns the bank, starts forcing her family into financial dire. Keeley along with her family and Will, attempt to salvage Keeley and the family's wellbeing. Does Keeley survive and clear her name?

    Mark Kay Andrews continues her ability of writing outstanding books that delight readers. Her characterization of Keeley Murdock trying to deal with a prominent family shows that strength that Keeley did not always think that she had. The relationship between Keeley and Will is done well and humorous, especially when Keeley has to figure out what this mysterious woman likes in a home. Many of the episodes of redecorating the mansion are laugh out loud funny.

The Book

Harper Collins
September 2004
Fiction / General / Chick Lit
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