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Absolute Honour
Jack Absolute, book 3

by C C Humphreys

      If, like this reviewer, you love tales of military history and general derring-do such as Bernard Cornwell and George MacDonald Fraser write, then this is definitely for you. Combining the same sharply observed sense of historical accuracy with wit, romance and adventure, this is the sort of book which appeals equally to male and female readers. This is the third book about Jackís adventures, but actually it comes between The Blooding of Jack Absolute and Jack Absolute, telling of the exploits of the character from Sheridanís The Rivals. This time he gets to sail on a slaver, help take a French frigate, get embroiled in the Jacobite cause, fall in love (again) and fight the Spanish.

There is scarcely time to draw breath with all this packed into under 400 pages, and nobody could fault this book for not being exciting enough. Each place gets sketched in broadly and then the rapiers are out, or some other daring exploit. Itís gloriously like turning back the clock to a time of writers like Sabatini and mercifully free of introspection. He does manage to create many interesting "gray" characters who are neither cardboard saints nor villains, which lifts it way above other action novels, combined with a genuinely good story and plenty of sound historical knowledge underpinning it all. If you like a book with plenty of romance, a dash of humor and over-the-top heroism as well as the grim reality of war you are bound to enjoy this one. Highly recommended.

The Book

12 July 2006
Trade paperback
Historical Military - 1761, Portugal & Rome
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2006
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