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Falling Into the World

by Karen Brichoux

      A genuine and moving story. Karen Brichoux writes with such insight into the human heart and does it with an extrodinary wit and an excellent sense of humor. The writing is skillful, with well developed and very real characters. A heartwarming story and a real page-turner.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it.

Augustina Fletcher loses her mother in a car accident that also leaves her father a paraplegic. Saphi, Augustina's younger sister, disappears after an argument with Augustina and reappears five years later.

As Augustina struggles with her inner turmoil and her strained relationship with her sister, she begins seeing things in her life differently. Alternating between adulthood and her childhood memories, Augustina reveals what she is seeing and feeling.

Instead of staying within the safe and routine, Augustina begins to step out of her comfort zone and, by doing so, experiences happiness versus routine. She begins to make choices about what is best for her, instead of only what is in the best interest of everyone around her.

In Falling Into the World, Augustina sorts through her inner turmoil and, in the process, finds her true self.

The Book

New American Library
November 7, 2006
Trade Paper
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2006
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