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The Kindness of Strangers

by Katrina Kittle

      How well do you know your best friend? Would you know if your trusted confidante participated in illegal and immoral behaviors? Widow Sarah Laden credits friend Courtney Kendrick with saving her life. Distraught from her husband's death, Sarah barely manages daily life with her two, young sons and a catering business. Her sons, Nate and Danny, drift into trouble without strong parenting. In The Kindness of Strangers, author Katrina Kittle shows a family's battle to renew their strength and love.

Sarah feels safe in her middle class neighborhood. Families are friends, who gossip and protect each other. Her home catering business gives her a much needed income and distraction. Sarah's specialty dishes and her customers provide another layer of security. Her son, Nate, becomes despondent and rebellious. Her son, Danny, will not apply himself and wanders amid remedial classes. Grappling with her single parenting role, Sarah turns angry, sad, and frustrated. Her friend, Courtney, carries Sarah through the hardship. Courtney cheerfully lends a hand with the kids and pushes Sarah toward a life for the living.

When Courtney's son, Jordan, appears ill, he finds an overly helpful Sarah by his side. Misunderstood, eleven-year old Jordan fights Sarah's kindness. After all, Jordan knows too many secrets. Those dark secrets could get him killed or land him back into his parents' house. Either way is a death sentence. When Jordan's parents are accused of child abuse, the town's opinion ranges between ridicule, shock, and contempt. Sarah drowns in her doubts of Courtney's innocence. Did her best friend hide or participate in a horrific crime? Will Jordan allow Sarah's family to love and heal with him?

The Kindness of Strangers describes an incredible story of innocent people caught in unthinkable abuse. Kittle's characters are complex with endearing and horrifying quirks. Each chapter opens with a new character's point of view, which provides rich understanding for the reader. I loved the growth and meaning in the characters' religious faith, family foods, and reverence of nature. Immerse yourself in The Kindness of Strangers and renew your knowledge of love, family, and truth.

The Book

William Morrow (an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
February 2, 2006
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NOTE: explicit content - language, sex, violence

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Jennifer Akers
Reviewed 2006
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