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Road Kill Art and Other Oddities

by Niles Reddick

      Niles Reddick is the Dean of Humanities and Social Science for Motlow College and has a new book of short stories out called, Road Kill Art and Other Oddities. This collection of 21 stories are glimpses into Reddick’s own psyche. Though the stories are fiction, these first person narratives read more like an attempt to echo Bailey White’s strange world. The stories are often funny, such as "Birds," a man against bird story, "Honeymoon," about a man’s miserable first night of wedded bliss, and the title story, "Road Kill Art," about a man’s aunt and her unusual hobby. But, the stories can be insightful as in "Plastic Jesus," a story about a counselor’s encounter with a new patient, and how it affects his chosen career.

There is a feeling throughout these stories that they are somewhat autobiographical. Even Bailey White’s remarkable stories, which are often heard on National Public Radio, have some humorous, often exaggerated renderings of people in her own life.

Reddick’s skill, however, is less the storyteller of Bailey White and more the essayist of Sam Pickering. Now, put those two southern writers in a room together and watch the hyperbole fly!

If you’d like to take a little drive through Reddick’s South, check out Road Kill Art and Other Oddities. It is currently available as an ebook, but will be in paperback this Spring.

The Book

Whiskey Creek Press
December 2006 (trade paperback due out Spring 2007)
Literary fiction, short story collection
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The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2006
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