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All in One Place

by Carolyne Aarsen

      Terra Froese has never been a model citizen. In fact, she's spent most of her adult life trying to find herself, going from one man to another, and one job to another.

But now she's left Seattle heading to Montana to visit her sister, Leslie VandeKeere, with whom she hasn't spoken in over a year. If anyone can help Terra, it's her down-to-earth sister. But, the truth is, Terra's real motive for returning is to rescue Leslie from her humdrum life in the country. There's only one problem -Leslie actually likes the country. Can Terra change gears and decide to make the country her home?

A very good read.

The Book

Faith Words / Hachette Book Group USA
August 22, 2007
Fiction / Women’s
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The Reviewer

Nancy Arant Williams
Reviewed 2007
NOTE: Reviewer Nancy Williams is the author of 20 books, including inspirational romances Coming Home to Mercy Street, In the Company of Angels, and In The Shadow of the Cherubim. Her latest releases are And the Heavens Wept and In a Glass Darkly
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