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...and Baby Makes Two

by Judy Sheehan

      Judy Sheehan's first novel is a home run. If you aren't familiar with this co-creator of Tony n' Tina's Wedding, pick up a copy of her foray into fiction. A handy list of questions and topics for discussion make this a "can't miss" hit for reading groups. The book explores single-women adoptions in a warm, inviting way,  which embraces the experience in a hands-on emotional context. This book reflects women of today, but mired in age-old dreams and desires. Every man looking to better understand the women in their world should include this new book on their must-read list.

Sheehan's chapters featuring the main character's (Jane) travels to China to be united with her soon-to-be-adopted baby, were my favorite. In an age where non-traditional roles for both men and women are coming of age, Sheehan brings the reader into a way of life more common than many Americans would believe. Her style brings you up-front-and-personal with the thoughts, surroundings and implications of crossing many time zones to find that special someone missing in your life, a baby.

The Book

Ballantine Books
February 2007
Fiction-Women's Literature
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Mark Nash
Reviewed 2007
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