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Bed Rest

by Sarah Bilston

      Bed Rest is Sarah Bilston's first novel. It is an excellent first novel with its captivating plot of transformation. It is a light and engaging read with humorous moments.

Bed Rest is an enjoyable read with great character development that will leave you longing for her next novel, Sleepless Nights, the sequel to Bed Rest.

Quinn "Q" Boothroyd moved to New York City four years ago from London. She met her husband, Tom, within a few months of moving to New York. Q works for one law firm while Tom works at another, larger law firm in the City. Both attorneys work long hours leaving them little time for anything else.

Q is twenty-six weeks pregnant when during a routine examination with her obstetrician, Dr. Weinberg, it's discovered her placenta is not doing its job properly. She is diagnosed with oligohydramnios and put on complete, strict bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Q feels this bed rest time will help her marriage too. Lately she and Tom just don't seem as close as they once were and with both of them working full time they rarely have time together.

Being used to working sixteen-hour days, Q finds herself lonely and bored. She reflects on the "Modern Woman's List of Things to Do Before Hitting Thirty". She rarely sees Tom because he's putting in even more hours trying to make partner at his law firm. Q spends her days reflecting on her life.

Mrs. G (a neighbor) and Brianna (a co-worker) are her two frequent visitors. Mrs. G lives in an apartment downstairs from Q and Tom. Q begins helping the neighbors with a legal matter regarding tenant landlord issues. Her mother and her two younger sisters also visit Q during this three month period of confinement to her couch.

With a husband who's barely home, boring friends, tiresome parties, and a career that doesn't interest her, by week thirty-five of her pregnancy Q has figured out what's most important of all. And it's nothing on the "Modern Woman's List of Things to Do Before Hitting Thirty".

The Book

Avon/Harper Collins
June 26, 2007
Trade Paper
Chick Lit / Fiction
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2007
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