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Boo Humbug
The Boo Series #4

by Rene Gutteridge

      Boo Humbug is a fast-paced, fun book! The quirky, off-beat characters of Skary, Indiana are a delightful bunch. I only wish this book had been longer so I could have spent more time with these enjoyable and fun characters.

Rene Gutteridge writes quite a tale, filled with meaning. Not only is Boo Humbug fun to read, it also has a very powerful message to share, reminding us all of "The Reason for The Season".

Lois Stepaphanolopolis, while taking a course at the local community college, is inspired by a lecture from the instructor, Mr. Watson, to "think outside of the box". Her brain bubbles over with brilliance that can't be contained. She decides to rewrite the Christmas play A Christmas Carol with an outside-the-box angle no one would see coming.

Alfred Tennison, a freelance editor, takes his walks in the woods because it seems the only place in this town where Christmas lights can't be seen. He's trying to maintain his sub-grade life in a manner that keeps him from staying in bed all day long. Bullied by the sheriff, Irwin, into doing a little community service, Alfred reluctantly joins the production of Lois's play. bad could it be?

Oliver takes the lead role of "Scrooge" to escape diaper duty and get a few hours of much needed rest a few nights a week.

Wolfe needs a reprieve for the same reason as Oliver. Between changing diapers and little sleep he needs time to just sit back and relax for a while.

Alfred becomes the Marketing Director for Lois's production of A Christmas Carol, renamed A Very Skary Christmas.

Ainsley, Wolfe's wife, soon discovers it isn't the play her husbandís interested in. Getting out of diaper duty and sneaking in a nap are his motives for becoming so involved in Lois's play.

Soon Melb, Oliver's wife, finds out her husbandís only interested in the play for the same reason as Wolfe. In fact the whole thing was Oliver's idea to begin with.

Alfred's got nearly every county within an hour of Skary ready to come and see the play. Figuring his job is to just get them in the door, he doesn't care if the play itself is a train wreck.

Everything Dickens meant for his book to be, it now isn't. Scrooge was having an identity crisis, with the many "creative liberties" Lois had taken with the dialogue.

in the midst of mass miscommunications and a total overhaul of the play at the last minute, the residents of Skary, Indiana come together and create a play with an enormous impact and message.

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WaterBrook Press
September 11, 2007
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NOTE: Holiday read - Christmas theme

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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2007
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