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Cast Upon The Day

by Thomas E. Kennedy

Thomas E. Kennedy’s Cast Upon the Day is a collection of literary treasures that touch the human nature of the reader and leaves him with a visual truth that lingers in his soul. I enjoyed the simplistic and innocent nature of his short stories. While some left me feeling lost, others left me smiling. His use of a distant viewpoint in storytelling coupled with the character’s own insight gives the reader the feeling of visual eavesdropping that keeps the reader interested in seeing each story through to the end.

I found the stories compelling in the same way I would if I were watching a distant lovers quarrel from a park bench on a Sunday afternoon. It is a book to keep on your bedside table to read a story or two before retiring for the evening. It left me with a peaceful, easy feeling that lulled me into a somber and thoughtful sleep. It’s one of those timeless classic collections that you could read again and again, always from a different perspective. It would also be a good book choice to use in (the lost art of) reading groups.

The Book

Hopewell Publications
August 7, 2007
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Nicole Merritt
Reviewed 2007
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