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Cherished Pulse
Unconventional Love Poetry

by Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson

      The title of this collection certainly is apropos.  Typically, love poetry will be syrupy and sentimental, but these snapshots of love, by two gifted poets, Magdalena Ball and Carolyn-Howard Johnson, are more realistic and deal with scenes not usually associated with typical love poems.

In her poem "Great Sky," Ball has this to say about young love: Healthy children /our eyes wide with the cold / with landscape / hungry for our future / the warm taste of flesh.

In her poem "Aurora," we see a fresh image of first love:  It didn't matter at all / That what you saw was  little more than / Charged particles streaming from the sun / Excited oxygen and nitrogen / In the Earth's atmosphere / It was all poetry anyway. 

Ball's ten poems are titled "The Ocean."

Johnson's poems are titled, "The Heart of a Woman," which is also the title of her first poem, containing these evocative lines: A heart of a woman is not easily read / as your girl's.  Wisdom and doubt are matched / rings, and a perfect fit, later tight will not / slip from your finger.

These lines from her poem "Another Day" will catch your eye and ear:  .....I fold / my husband's shorts the first year / fresh from the laundry, press / the Munsing to my cheek, / and then to my nose and breathe.

These twenty poems will make you think of love a little differently than many love poems you read.  You will enjoy them.

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Compulsive Reader Publications
Jan 2007
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2007
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