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Children of the State

by Nicia Aiyetoro

      Children of the State is a remarkable book. I was immediately pulled into the story. The characters are real and likeable. I would have enjoyed spending more time with the girls living in this group home. I enjoyed their interactions throughout the book. Nicia Aiyetoro is a truly gifted writer and I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.

Jayla and her sister Kaylani have been living at New Life Children's Home, a state funded group home for abused and neglected teens, for the past five years. To them New Life is not just a shelter but a safe haven from Mafia kingpin Antonio Castiglione, the man who wants them dead.

Antonio's youngest son, Dominic, has two bi-racial daughters in hiding in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jayla Brown and Kaylani James. After Antonio's family's home is bombed it is Diego Santiago who is suspected of doing it. It's rumored Diego wants to "wipe out" Antonio's entire family. Antonio himself survives the blast. It was Antonio who murdered Diego's only daughter and Saraya's half-sister, Isabella.

Emilio Juarez is sent undercover to Las Vegas from Chicago where he will join forces with Saraya Bonnet, another FBI agent. Under the names Pedro and Patra, Emilio and Saraya begin working at New Life Children's Home, undercover, as husband and wife. The FBI has been after Antonio and Diego for years.

Saraya, Jayla's mother's sister, is recognized by Jayla while working undercover at the group home. Jayla knows the truth about Pedro and Patra and their real reason for being there. Emilio, on the other hand, has no idea of Saraya's connection to Jayla. Saraya and Emilio are suspicious of each other, both believing the other an informant for the Italian Mafia.

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January 1, 2007
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