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Cover Girl Confidential

by Beverly Bartlett

      I thoroughly enjoyed Cover Girl Confidential. Beverly Bartlett has a unique and entertaining "voice". Cover Girl Confidential is a delightful, fun, and engaging story. Beverly Bartlett has an extraordinary way of bringing her characters to life. If you're looking for a fun, light book to read, look no further - this one comes highly recommended.

Addison McGhee was born Ada Sinmic Ghee in a refugee camp in Turkey.

Upon coming to America, she had the syllables of her name wrongly divided up on the paperwork so they read Addison McGhee. Addison has been in prison for six-months on a trumped up felony charge awaiting a deportation hearing.

With so much extra time on her hands, she decides to write her life story.

Addison was once at the top of the celebrity B-list. Once her character on ER is killed off, she finds herself scrambling for work - any work!

She appears on Hollywood Squares, because she's out of money and in desperate need of a new water heater. Cal Gupton, the founder of GUP Network, sees Addison on Hollywood Squares and feels she's perfect to co-star with Hughes Sinclair on his early morning show.

Addison reinvents herself as a journalist for her position on It's morning now with Addison and Hughes. It's sort of like Anderson Cooper 360, only with lots more flirting and recipes.

For a while, Addison is on top of the world. She has a successful career, falls in love with and marries her co-host, Hughes Sinclair. But at times things just don't work out as we plan. Soon Addison's marriage and career begin to crumble.

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5 Spot / Hachette
March 13, 2007
0-446-69558-0 / 13:978-0-446-69558-9
Fiction/Chick Lit
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