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by Barbara Delinsky

Barbara Delinsky writes well and the character development in "Facets" is exceptionally done. I felt I knew the characters in this book intimately.

"Facets" is a well-written, enjoyable book. A good escapism read.

Hillary Cox grew up in Timiny Cove, Maine . She met the St. George family when she was a teenager. Hillary developed a life long friendship with Pamela St. George and started a twenty-seven year love affair with John St. George.

Pam is a jewelry designer for the family gemstone business "Facets". She is also John's younger step-sister. When John was sixteen his father, Eugene, left his mother for a much younger woman. Within a year John had a step-sister and had lost his mother to cancer. John had a brief affair with his step-mother, Patricia, and then began his relationship with Hillary Cox. Now, twenty-seven years later, John announces during an interview on 20/20 that he is engaged to be married and it isn't Hillary he's engaged to but another woman named Janet.

Hillary, who is an author, decides to write a tell-all book about John St. George. After so many years of being used and abused by John, Hillary finally has had enough and seeks revenge.

Corrupted by his money and power, John St. George makes life miserable for those around him. He is ruthless, cruel, and just plain evil.

Patricia has spent the past twenty years in a mental institution and John had prevented Pam and Cutter from being together as they had always longed to be.

It was Eugene, John's father, who had taken pity on Cutter. Eugene had given Cutter some well deserved breaks, early on in his life, that turned Cutter's life around. John, who had always looked down on Cutter, was jealous of Cutter. Andjealous of the good and close relationship that Cutter had with Eugene , the relationship he felt should have been his and his alone.

Pam, Patricia and Cutter work together for years and finally succeed in bringing John to poetic justice. Hillary, unfortunately, after so many years of abuse, decides she still loves John.

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Warner Books/Hachette Book Group USA
July 3, 2007
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