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Five Things I Canít Live Without

by Holly Shumas

      Five Things I Canít Live Without is a refreshing, easy read. You donít have to do much thinking here; the story tells it all. Nora doesnít like her job writing bios for dogs and cats at the animal shelter. She doesnít like animals. What she does well however, is write about them. What she pens finds homes for these animals that otherwise would be put down. So one day, she just up and quits. No thought, no forewarning, nothing, just quits. She goes home to tell her boyfriend Dan what she did, thinking he would be supportive, but instead he tells her she made a huge mistake. You donít quit your job until you have another one lined up, or at least the average person goes about it this way. But not Nora!

Then it dawns on her: she can write bios for people who are trying to find love on Internet dating websites. Her friends think she would be good at this and, she decides, why not, I can give it a try. So she puts an ad on Craigís List and waits for the first taker. She doesnít have to wait all that long before she has her first writing job.

Letís skip ahead a bit; Nora is not sure her relationship with her boyfriend Dan is going all that well. The excitement and pizzazz has gone. So she thinks of ways in which she can liven it up a bit. Keep reading to find out how she does this. I canít tell you everything!

I enjoyed this book, but I was not in love with it. The writing style takes a bit of getting used to, and I think maybe takes away from the story a bit, at least in my opinion. I would recommend it, if you are looking for something new, different and refreshing!

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5 Spot / Hachette Book Group
July 2007
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2007
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