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Four of Hearts

by Laurie Lonsdale and Sasha O’Connor


Bobbi, Layne, Robin, and Sierra are four long-term friends who have survived hell and back in Four of Hearts. They have been friends since high school, moved together to California to hit it big, and through all the turmoil success can bring. Not many friendships can last through all of what these women go through: relationships, drugs, jealousy, just trying to live together. Each woman is successful in their own right-something amazing for four people coming from the same neighborhood growing up.

Each character is a strong character and readers can appreciate how each woman is unique. Each woman is determined to be a success in her own career. However, Four of Hearts is too confusing with each of the four taking center-stage. Four of Hearts would be a much stronger book if it focused on one or two characters instead of all four. The authors did try to break each chapter down to focus on one of the characters, but it did not always work.

The story itself is enjoyable to read and strong. The plotline is consistent and remains true to each character.


The Book

Whiskey Creek Press
General Fiction
NOTE: Some adult language and situations

The Reviewer

Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2007
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