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Free Food For Millionaires

by Min Jin Lee


Author, Min Jin Lee begins her debut novel with a contemporary look at Casey Shan's life, beginning with her conflict with her father when she arrives home for dinner. The daughter of Korean immigrants, she is conflicted between her own culture and contemporary culture in America . She is kicked out of her father's house, only to find her security threatened when she walks in her boyfriend's apartment with baggage in hand and finds him in bed with two girls. She runs out and goes to the Carlyle Hotel, charging up her credit card, to awaken in the morning and realize she has nowhere to go. This is the beginning of her venture into the real world, filled with all its conflicts. Casey is torn between the want of money and something deeper. She seems to be at odds with everyone, including herself. Casey is a controversial and combative person, which takes her into many new situations, causing her to make hard decisions in relationships and career.

Lee's novel is fresh and contemporary in its presentation. She has taken on a contemporary issue, which holds a lot of promise for an interesting story, but does lose steam and lacks a firm ending, even though its cultural interest keeps it alive for most of the story.

The Book

Grand Central Publishing / Hachette
May 22, 2007
10: 0446581089
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Nicole Merritt
Reviewed 2007
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