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A sleek, sly, and irresistibly dishy peek at the ratings-driven, celebrity-mad world of TV news from a network insider

by Jennifer Oko

      It would be easy to characterize Jennifer Oko's new book Gloss as women's literature. However this intriguing story of a television network's love affair with itself, told through an innocent story that unfolds into a page-turning discovery of corruption that reaches the highest levels of political circles, is one not to miss. Filled with behind the scenes glimpses into the "Get Smart" world of network television, Oko pulls back the curtain on the wizards who create and craft the sound bites that make news news. Even if you're not into fiction, there is a lot to be learned on how the national television machine works.

I enjoyed how the author weaves her first-hand experience of morning television into the main character Annie, who produces for morning shows. But, while covering a story she uncovers a troublesome scandal that lands her behind bars. In the end the producer becomes the story, one of the largest on national television with every network "get" person working her hard to report her story first. A great follow-up to Oko's first book: Lying Together: My Russian Affair.

The Book

June 2007
978-0778324423 / 0778324427
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Mark Nash
Reviewed 2007
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