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Hurtling to Oblivion

by Dave Field

Hurtling to Oblivion is a tricky little book. It sucked my emotions in right away with its straight-from-the-headlines talk of disaster and eco-terrorism, corporate giants out for a dollar at everybody's expense, and callous disregard for Mother Earth. I was primarily outraged that the author seemed to be writing to instill panic in the readership, just like CNN: It's a disaster! They're not telling us anything! Be very AFRAID!

Then enter the Wiccans. I was impressed with the factual, gentle introduction to Wicca by a purported outsider. His representation of Selena Krael is strong and sure, sexy and determined, like many heroines. She isn't a weirdo, just a little prescient, tuned in to her surroundings and she is willing to take chances to try to prevent the destruction of the natural environment of Darwin .

Shaun Spencer was just your normal Australian day-trader. But that was before his 6-year old daughter, Jody, died from leukemia, and then his wife left him for trying to drown his grief. Now an angry hoard of eco-demonstrators has demolished his bulldozer and his livelihood. He is on the vulnerable side when he gets the call from Selena asking for his help to fight the biggest liars and crooks in the Territory. What are a little B&E, theft, subversion and bad press if it saves the Mangroves and Darwin 's harbour, not to mention presents a little diversion on the side?

I told you up front that the book is tricky. There are no good guys, just bad guys, not-so-bad guys, really-bad guys and victims. I raged and seethed all the way through the text (which is what I think the author wants) until the last 2 chapters, then I started laughing. I'm not going to tell you why, just let you know that it was not because the ending is funny. When you read this book, as you most assuredly should, I hope you get the joke!

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NOTE: Adult situations, violence

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Beth Ellen McKenzie

Reviewed 2007
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