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Let Them Eat Cake

by Sandra Byrd

      Let Them Eat Cake is a delicious book that is hard to put down! Lexi Stuart is a twenty-something who is struggling to find the right career path, the right guy, and the right church community. Chronically quitting or getting fired from less than desirable desk jobs, Lexi throws caution to the wind and applies for a position at a local, French-style bakery she enjoys. Since she is fluent in French, the owner, handsome Luc, hires her. What ensues is a heartfelt and engaging story about setting your priorities and trusting God to lead you down the right path at the proper time. The characters are so well developed, you’ll feel like you’re sitting down with fantastic new friends. This book has instantly become one of my all time favorites.

The Book

WaterBrook Press, A Division of Random House
September 2007
Trade Paperback
Christian Fiction
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Sarah Lomas
Reviewed 2007
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