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Love Walked In

by Marisa De Los Santos

      A compelling story of love, loss, and transformation. Heart-breaking, yet full of joy. Marisa De Los Santos writes powerfully and with wonderful wisdom.

Cornelia Brown's life began one October morning, at the age of thirty-one, when her Cary Grant walked through the door of Dora's Cafe. The man himself was the harbinger of the changes to come, yet not the change itself. His name was Martin Grace and there is an intuitive rhythm, a sixth-sense between them.

Clare Hobbs is eleven years old and watching her mother turn into someone she doesn't know, someone who no longer takes care of her. Fearing for her mother to the point of sleepless nights, Clare calls on her father for help. He is a near-stranger to Clare, since divorcing her mother several years earlier. He is no help to her. Clare feels alone, deserted and lost.

Martin Grace is Clare's father and is forced to take Clare in when she is abandoned, by the side of the road, by her mother. Martin is clueless on being a father, and in desperation takes Clare to Dora's cafe seeking Cornelia's help. Cornelia and Clare form a bond between them that grows stronger facing the loss of Martin.

Cornelia and Clare's lives begin a transformation process. For Cornelia, real life doesn't mean attaining her heart's desire, but knowing what her heart's desire is. She discovers that knowing what you love and why is as real as life gets.

The Book

November 28, 2006
Trade Paperback
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Connie Harris
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