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Lucy Blue, Where Are You?

by Louise Harwood

      Lucy Blue, Where Are You? is a magnificently fast paced novel. The characters are well defined and drawn out. Most of them unlikeable. The writing is skillful and overall I found this to be an enjoyable book to read.

Lucy Blue breaks up with her boyfriend, Teddy, right before the holidays. She travels to Scotland to attend a New Year's Eve party given by an old friend she hasn't seen in years. The party is a bust, and the next day Lucy goes to the airport to catch a flight back to London. Because of a major snow storm she's not able to fly back. Since she still has her cute little red rental car she teams up with another stranded traveler, Jude Middleton, for the thirteen-hour drive back to London.

During the trip back to London they decide nothing in their real lives matters on this special day. Giving in to the physical attraction they feel for each other they make a pit stop at the Milestone Motel. Later when Lucy drops Jude off at his brother Luke's house, they say good-bye, having both already agreed they will not see each other again.

Once Lucy is home and back to work Teddy continues to make life as miserable as possible for her. He just doesn't want to let her go. He does not want to accept that the relationship is truly over.

One day as Lucy is on her way to work she sees a poster, an A3 sheet of dark green card with a cartoon car drawn in red at the top of it. And the words underneath: "Lucy Blue, Where Are You?" But the poster may not be from whom you think and Lucy may not end up with the one you think she will either.

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January 2, 2007
Trade Paper
Fiction/Chick Lit
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Connie Harris
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