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Mary's Christmas Gift

by Jack Zavada

      Mary’s Christmas Gift is a sensitively written, heart-warming novella about a young, single woman, Mary Chapman, who is nine months pregnant. Mary is understandably depressed about the choices she has made in life, but even so, retains a strong connection to God.

Mary has three special friends who support her: Jill, a co-worker at Midwest Milling, and Pastor Don and his wife, who support Mary’s decision to give her child up for adoption, though understandably that decision is a difficult one, especially with Christmas a short time away.

When Elizabeth McAllister, Mary’s boss, makes unreasonable demands regarding a report, Mary reveals her innate compassionate nature. Mary knows Elizabeth has heavy job responsibilities. What’s worse, Elizabeth and her husband are unable to have children and yet she sees Mary daily, and Mary is nine months pregnant.

One day, Mary pauses before a shop, staring at a small village scene that reminds her of her hometown and the ex-boyfriend she argued with when she left to start her career. One look at her reflection and Mary feels remorse. Then Jill arrives by car. One the way to work, they have a terrible accident...

Yet God has a way of standing by those He loves, and Mary’s true Christmas gift is just a heartbeat away.

Mary’s Christmas Gift is a poignant, wonderful story of faith. The author, Jack Zavala, reveals the heart and soul of his characters, and adds just the right amount of surprise to make his story one that will touch everyone’s heart. It certainly touched mine, and brought tears and joy to my heart. Mary’s Christmas Gift is an absolute delight: a true gift to be shared not just at Christmas, but the whole year through.

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December 2006
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Inspirational fiction
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NOTE: Holiday read: Christmas
Jack Zavada is the author of four published western novels: Rebel Town, The Wolfer, Penwhistle's Prize, and West of the Pecos.

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