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Monkey Star
Sequel to Monkey Love

by Brenda Scott Royce

      I did not have the honor of reading Brendaís book titled Monkey Love, but I wish I had, because if it was as well written as Monkey Star, I wouldnít have been able to put that one down either.

Holly Heckerling didnít really have a job the way most of us do; she had many types of jobs. None of them paid well enough on their own to cover her bills and expenses, so she would schedule them so that each month she could at least cover her rent.

One of her favorites was working with a capuchin monkey named Tallulah, who happened to be owned by her friend David. The three of them would go to area schools and perform an animal act with Tallulah, and Hollyís other animals. The kids loved these performances and Holly and David loved doing them. Tallulah was known as a helper monkey, as her owner David was a quadriplegic. So she was trained to assist him in things that he did on a daily basis. Holly just got him out of the house and into the real world.

Keep this job in mind as we move on.

Carter and Danny, Hollyís best friends moved to Hollywood and were expecting their first child. Holly was Carterís labor coach. So when the little one decided that he wanted to come into the world a month early, Holly was on the next plane. She made it in time to see the birth and then got whisked away to Dannyís movie set. Danny was in a movie called Vets in the City and you guessed it, some of the main characters were animals! By visiting the set, Holly also was able to snag her dream job ...for how long, read the book to find out. I canít divulge any more details.

I will end by saying, I loved this book. Its witty, clever, a fast read and definitely one that I would recommend to the casual reader who just wants to laugh and have fun!

The Book

New American Library / Penguin Group
August 2007
Fiction / humor
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2007
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