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Odd Mom Out

by Jane Porter

      Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter is a book that any gal in her late thirties to early forties can relate to. Marta Zinsser decides at a very young age that she is different from everyone else, and that is okay with her. She doesnít try to fit in with the in-crowd, she just does what she does and that works for her.

Marta decides to have a baby, but she is not married, nor does she even have a boyfriend, steady or otherwise; she just wants a baby. So what does she do? She orders some sperm off the internet and nine months later, Eva Rose is born.

Letís skip ahead ten years. Marta leaves New York to head up the West Coast office of the advertising agency for which she is the VP. There are two reasons to make this move, one is the new office location, and two -she grew up in Seattle. Her parents live there, and her mom is sick. So she decides the West Coast is where she belongs.

She gets to Seattle, and within a year they close the West Coast office. She decides now is the time to be her own boss, so Z Design is born. Remember, ten years has passed since Eva was conceived and born, and during that time Marta has been man-free.

Luke Flynn enters the picture, and Marta decides that maybe being a single mom and career woman is not enough for her, and she just might want it all. Mom, Career Woman, Lover and Wife... Keep reading -This one is a must read with a capital R!!

The Book

5 Spot / Hachette Book Group USA
September 2007
Fiction / General
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2007
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