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The Perception Experiment

by Jason Glover

      The Perception Experiment reads like a sci-fi story of end times. A rather intriguing look into one man's descent into madness. A view of the end times as told by the nameless one, chosen by Satan to be the Anti-Christ.

Jason Glover is an excellent writer and writes with an amazing imagination. The Perception Experiment is an intriguing and enjoyable book with an entertaining plot. Nicely done!

It's the perfect town, a Stepford-town, where everything is perfect, organized and in its proper place.

The nameless one has a spastic episode while eating breakfast in a local restaurant. This is something worse than a disease; it is possession by a demonic force. There must be some mistake, surely this curse was not meant for this nameless one. The nameless one burrows into the womb of his blankets awaiting God's answer to his prayers.

Meaning is just beyond the nameless one's reach, the nameless one searches for it and it evades him. If he can't understand, it's not meant for him to understand. God is infinite in His wisdom. He will choose the proper time for understanding to come. God will eventually grant the nameless one clarity. Life is so much easier when you know God has everything under control.

But when Armageddon hits, the nameless one prefers the sewer system rather than Jesus, wallowing in human waste rather than God's Kingdom. The decision to reject God is made. The nameless one's mind is set; his obedience to God completely forsaken. The nameless one descends into nothingness and madness; the darkness that is eternal.

Shiva (a beautiful fallen angel) is one of his guides into eternal darkness (it is hard to believe that only three days earlier the nameless one had been confident and unwavering in his faith to God).

The nameless one is brought into the presence of Lucifer. He learns the perfect town he knew was never real. It was merely a perception experiment, an illusion.

Controlled and manipulated by Satan the nameless one becomes a prisoner to the dark side. He is finally given a name -Abaddon, the Destroyer. His role is that of Anti-Christ. His mission is to attack the New Jerusalem. This is the last great battle.

The nameless one is always asking "why am I so important?" The answer is he's not. What God has created He can also destroy.

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Thirdeye Publications
April 8, 2007
Trade Paper
0-9790981-2-2 / 978-0-9790981-2-3
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