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The Reavers

by George MacDonald Fraser

      Millions of historical fiction fans (and probably quite a few who donít normally count themselves as such) have read and loved The Flashman Papers. If, like this reviewer, you are of their number and have also gone on to read Fraser's other books, such as The Pyrates, then this latest offering will be no surprise. This is a humorous historical fantasy, written purely for fun and gleefully bursting with anachronisms of every kind... so historical pedants can stop reading this NOW.

Anybody else who has a sense of fun can revel in a story about those steel-hatted mayhem mongers of the Borders, the reavers, and the part they play in a fiendish plot to overthrow King James VI-to-be. There is fiery tressed and tempered Lady Godiva Dacre, her man-mad sidekick Kylie, a whole band of Spanish (and other) villains and two warring heroes. Some of the humor will bypass anybody who is not au fait with Border life, such as the sections on Carlisle, Glasgow accents and suchlike, but most readers will find Frey Bentos at least hard to resist - an inquisitorial monk with a Virginian style of speech. At times it all gets a bit too much, and less might have been more in some respects, but keen readers of Myshelf will know by now, I nearly always say that. Virtually anybody who enjoys a good laugh is sure to find much in here to amuse, and there are not too many books that anybody can say that about.

The Book

Harper Collins UK
1 October 2007
Historical / Humor [1590s, The Scots Borders]
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2007
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