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The Redemption of Sarah Cain

by Beverly Lewis

      Beverly Lewis is a master storyteller! The Redemption of Sarah Cain is an engrossing story with an inspirational message of love, redemption, and overcoming past tragedies.

The Redemption of Sarah Cain is another fascinating story of Amish life in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and comes highly recommended. Beverly Lewis' true-to-life characters stay with you long after reading the last page.

Ivy Cottrell, along with her husband, Gil, had joined the Amish Church years earlier, to the disapproval of the rest of their family. Ivy had lost Gil in a farming accident three years ago and now she too is gone.

Sarah Cain is Ivy's younger sister. Once an elementary school teacher, she is now a real estate agent living in Portland and living a very comfortable life. Ivy left guardianship of her five children to Sarah. Sarah is stunned by Ivy's choice to make her, a non-Amish, guardian of her five Amish children.

Sarah goes to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, planning to stay only long enough to make arrangements for and find homes among the Amish for her sister's children.

Lydia is the oldest of the five Cottrell children and spends her days taking care of her four younger siblings. When a need arises in the community for a teacher at Peach Lane School, Lydia is the one chosen to fill the position - temporarily anyway.

Sarah could never understand why her sister had chosen to become Amish. Sarah loves her material possessions, her large bank account and all the modern comforts her money can buy; and has no intention of giving them up for the simple life.

Levi King proposes to Lydia but she had promised her mamma on her death bed that she would do everything she could to keep the family together. Will this interfere with her marrying the boy she loves? Will Aunt Sarah take them back to Oregon if she's unable to find an Amish family willing to take them in?

The world's lure begins to fade for Sarah; she isn't quite sure when or how this has happened. She plans to find an Amish home environment for her nieces and nephews and then return to her comfortable life back in Portland. Will the world's lure fade enough for Sarah to stay in Lancaster County or will she return to Oregon?

The Book

Bethany House Publishers
June 1, 2007 (Reprint)
Trade Paperback
0764204033 / 978-0764204036
Fiction / Christian
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