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A Salty Piece of Land

by Jimmy Buffett

      Parrotheads rejoice as Jimmy Buffett shares a modern-day pirate adventure with us. When cowboy Tully Mars throws his employer's massage table through a plate glass window he has to leave Montana fast, to escape the arrest warrant that Thelma Barston has filed against him. Tully's struggle to find himself through fishing, sailing and partying in this Caribbean romp is a bit predictable, but always a joy to read. 

The characters are bigger than life, and doing just what we all wish we could be doing. Tully's interaction with  them makes compelling reading. There is the Mayan, Ix-Nay and eating lobsters coated with a Mayan hot sauce called Agua del Infierno. Meet Cleopatra Hightower, the 101-year-old captain of a schooner who wants Tully to renovate a lighthouse as a final resting place and monument to her. We follow Tully through several stops as a fishing guide, a mate on a large schooner, through a wild party and near capture in Belize. Who would think of banana pancakes with coconut syrup as a hangover cure?

Passions run high in this improbable story that is mostly autobiographical and shares some history, philosophy and geography with us in an armchair Caribbean vacation. Jimmy Buffett is a dreamer and romantic who makes a living as a musician and thankfully, writes fiction sometimes. It's not a white-knuckle suspense read, but a fast and pleasant sojourn for late-night entertainment.

The Book

Little, Brown/Hachette Group
October 31, 2006
Mass Market Paperback
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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2007
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