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A Secret of the Universe
A Story of Love, Loss and the Discovery of an Eternal Truth

by Stephen L. Gibson

      A Secret of the Universe is a delightful story of two high-school buddies from the Midwest. One of the boys' father's death begins the story of a lifetime of up and downs. Ian discards his traditional religion because it can not answer the questions about life that he keeps asking. Instead he turns to science and reason to ravel out the answers to his questions. Bill, on the other hand, sticks with his traditional Christian belief.

With this set of circumstances, the plot moves along as each boy tries to convince the other of the validity of his views. It is a well-plotted story and could easily stand as a standard story of two boys growing apart because of different views on life, but the really intriguing part of the book is the presentation of the "secret of the universe" as seen through the eyes of science and reason.

These ideas will shock some people, especially the traditional Christians, but the author has presented the views (which I assume are his) in such a way that one could hardly avoid looking at the ideas objectively.

Whether the reader rejects some or all of the ideas, this is a book that will cause some serious thinking. It was an intriguing read

The Book

Truth-Driven Strategies, LLC
October 11, 2007
Fiction, with an emphasis on religion
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Willie Elliot
Reviewed 2007
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