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Skylight Confessions

by Alice Hoffman
Read By Mare Winningham

      Devout followers of Alice Hoffman won't be disappointed in her most recent book, now available on audio. It's packed full of her original intertwined destiny and love plot lines, while exploring how we each define and seek love -some with no mentors- and stumble and wreak havoc on those whose paths of the heart we cross. Mix in children, and the makings provide a recipe to be passed on to the next generation: the difficulties of an ill-defined love. Arlyn Singer is the ring leader in this twisting tale that spans time and place.

Arlyn believes that fate will bring her the man of her life soon after her father dies. John Moody is the man that fate brings to her. Opposites attract and soon they begin their life together. Children Sam and Blanca, and grandson Will, bring additional extreme personalities into the mix with dramatic and explosive results. Don't miss this excellent new book by the prolific Ms. Hoffman. Beautifully read by singer-songwriter and actress Mare Winningham. Ms. Wingingham is best known for her Academy Award nominated role in Georgia.

The Book

Hachette Audio
January 2007
Audio CD, unabridged: Playing Time: 7.5 Hours
ISBN13: 978-0316058780
ISBN10: 0316058785
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The Reviewer

Mark Nash
Reviewed 2007
NOTE: Reviewer Mark Nash is the author of Fundamentals of Marketing for the Real Estate Professional, Starting & Succeeding in Real Estate, Reaching Out: The Financial Power of Niche Markeing, and 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home.
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