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Still Summer

by Jacquelyn Michard

Tracey, Olivia and Holly, high school friends, were known as The Godmothers. Now 20 years later Tracey and Holly are suburban homemakers and mothers. Glamorous Olivia had married a wealthy Italian nobleman who has recently died. Olivia is returning to the United States from Italy. For their reunion she suggests a sailboat cruise across the Caribbean. Tammy brings her 19 year old daughter, Cammie, hoping this will improve their relationship.

The two man crew, working out of St Thomas, is composed of Lenny, the boat's captain and owner, and Michael. Shortly after setting sail, they encounter a sudden squall which sends the two men overboard . This leaves the inexperienced women on their own, exposed to the elements. While struggling with the damaged boat they are boarded by modern day pirates who will expose them to a terrifying ordeal. They fight for their survival against this nightmare only to face the possible death of one of them in need of medical attention. Three must work together while the glamorous Olivia shows her true selfish nature. They are left with a disabled boat with little water or food and no means of communicating for help.

This is a compelling story of how adversity brings forth the true nature of an individual. The ordeals the women endured strengthened the bonds of love and friendship between some and destroyed the illusions they had of others. The courage, ingenuity and stamina of these women is outstanding. The scenes of the storm are realistic and terrifying. The encounter with the pirates is graphic and chilling in its potential for actually happening today. The characters are complex. The action is breathtaking.

This is a memorable story of courage and endurance not to be missed.

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Warner / Hachette Book Group USA
August 23, 2007
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2007
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