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Still Summer

by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Read by Susan Ericksen

      Jacquelyn Mitchard has penned a suspense-filled tale of four women lost at sea and pitted against nature and contemporary pirates. Tracy, Olivia, Janice, and Holly have been close friends since high school where they were known as the "Fab Four," and "The Godmothers." Now, twenty-five years later, wealthy, glamorous Olivia is recently widowed, and she suggests that the women reunite on a Caribbean sailing voyage to just relax, gossip, read, and sun themselves in luxury. Janice drops out when her husband is ill, and Tracy's 19-year old, spoiled daughter, Camille, joins the cruise. Make no mistake... this is not your typical reunion story.

Camille is very attracted to the younger of the two crew members, and during a tryst on a nearby island, a storm blows up and disaster claims both crew members. Ultimately, the sail is in tatters, the engine has failed, Holly has suffered a leg injury that seems to be infected and they are adrift and at the mercy of the sea. Even their generator and radio are failing and their food supply diminishing. The women are vulnerable to the worst threats the Caribbean can offer; sharks, the weather, and finally, beyond their worst nightmare, pirates enter the picture.

Susan Ericksen is an award winning narrator whose smooth rendition of this fast-paced danger-and-survival story keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final word is read, and dares anyone to interrupt.

Mitchard is a master at creating compelling female characters, but the men stand out too, in this high-stakes adventure. Through the unique personalities, and their bonds of friendship that endure on many levels through the years and their life changes, Still Summer is by turns heartbreaking and terrifying with a shattering revelation and satisfying ending that I will long remember.

I thoroughly enjoyed this audio version of the book, but since it is an abridged version, I will have to buy the book and read it too... I don't want to miss a word of it. Mitchard is simply a genius.

The Book

Hachette Audio
August 23, 2007
Abridged Audiobook 5 CDs / 6 hrs
1-60024-191-3 / 978-1-60024-191-8
Fiction / Contemporary
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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2007
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