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Super Mom Saves The World
Sequel to Confessions of Super Mom

by Melanie Lynne Hauser

      Faster than a speeding bullet, this witty novel swiftly captures your attention as you race through the life of Super Mom (a/k/a Birdie Lee) who manages to juggle a job, three teenagers (one who she is learning to love), an adoring fiancé and odd leftover feelings for her ex-husband. Oh, and did I mention that she is also a superhero in her spare time?

Endowed by mysterious powers after an accident with a Swiffer®, this dynamic PTA mom finds herself battling forces that are out to destroy her world, or at least her quiet little town. Meanwhile, her befuddled fiancé and the "his-and-hers" children attempt to keep life as normal as any super woman’s family can be, as she holds the city of Astro Park together and merges two families into one.

This funny book is chock full of chuckles as you read and identify with the daily struggles of any working, divorced mother with teenage children. Melanie Hauser captures the daily drudgeries faced by most women, while playing into the fantasy that snapping a finger will make life easier. She illustrates the humorous side of challenges faced by mothers, while her adversaries are portrayed as evil villains. Yet she proves that they can be overcome.

Chores will wait, grab a cup of coffee and prepare to enjoy yourself as you join the avenging Super Mom in her adventures of balancing superpowers vs. nasty old evildoers. Who do you think will win? Sit back and enjoy this delightful book, for the good of your sense of humor. It will tickle your funny bone and leave you with a smile.

The Book

New American Library Trade
March 6, 2007
Fiction - Comedy/Humorous
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Jerry Parzer
Reviewed 2007
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