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The Swing
Poems of Fatherhood

by C. S. Fuqua

      C. S. Fuqua gives us a snapshot of a father doing his best at parenting in his delightful collection of poems The Swing - Poems of Fatherhood. He gets us started on the journey of fatherhood with a predicament: "Now a new life, marked/by a fresh resident,/dependent as an invalid,/but getting better." The journey gets smoother and, although not a bed of roses, the reader can tell that the experiences, while trying, are also very rewarding. The snapshot of a father changing his daughterís diaper on Second Avenue in the poem Child and Man should tug at the heartstrings of any parent.

The poems continue in a chronological order and describe the daily things we parents have done with our children; but they become more dramatic and important as we see them reported in verse form. Each little poem is a poetic snapshot of one moment in time with a loved child.

Then the time comes when his daughter doesnít want or need him to swing her; she needs other things and he yearns for the playful things of the young. He concedes he must let go and let her grow up.

This collection begs for a photo for each poem. The photo need not be of the actual event but an age appropriate photo. I loved the poems. Although we have sons, these poems elicited thoughts and feelings from many experiences. A must for any father who has gone through the joys of fatherhood.

The Book

Uncial Press
May 2007
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2007
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